Croda North America

Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs

The Americas Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs (PSRA) group is a specialized scientific resource within Croda Inc. focused on the assessment, safe handling, use and transportation of Croda’s products in the Americas. In close association with Croda’s business sectors, PSRA provides regulatory and toxicological expertise to manage the safety of products throughout their lifecycle.

Croda is committed to the continuous improvement of the safety of our products through Croda’s  Responsible Care® Safety, Health and Environmental(SHE) Management system certification and product safety. Through Croda’s Product Safety program, products are evaluated and health and safety information is prepared including Safety Data Sheets and product labels to communicate proper handling and product safety information.  A risk prioritization procedure is applied to each product to identify products which require additional characterization and risk management activities. More information on Croda’s Product Safety program is available here.

Anticipating and preparing for the continuously changing global regulatory landscape is essential for successful product launches and meeting Croda’s customers’ needs and expectations, including inventory and business sector regulatory requirements. Croda is well positioned to respond to new and changing regulatory requirements and provide customer support as needed.