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Geo Technologies

Croda has formed Geo Technologies which encompasses the business sectors of:

Oil & Gas – Oil and gas production, drilling, and refining
Mining – Emulsion explosives and mineral processing
Water Treatment – Flocculants, and emulsifiers used in the manufacture of water soluble polymers

Croda has proven that by applying our extensive knowledge of emulsification and demulsification we are able to create novel solutions for our customers across all three market areas. Whether it be dispersants for use in the oil sands of Canada, or emulsifiers used in explosives in the mines of Peru, our products help to give you the competitive advantage.

Please visit our main Geo Technologies business page by following this link. This site can direct to each individual business area. You can also join our extranet service called Croda Direct, where you can access all product technical datasheets, literature and more.

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